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PoolandMarine.com is an online store that provides the latest in pool and marine equipment at the lowest prices.

Who are we?  We are South Florida guys and girls looking to make the aquatic lifestyle easier and more fun. We have spent countless hours working on pool and boating equipment and we are always searching for the best gear that keeps things working and our lives simple. We just want to share that with you. This company is founded on the idea that good products work better and last longer. We will never try to sell you something we wouldn't use ourselves.

Why choose poolandmarine.com products?   Competing battery sellers push high-profit batteries of lower quality that are often made overseas. Don't be fooled by flashy labels and colored battery tops. Customers who want performance and reliability choose our batteries and the charging equipment we recommend for years of solid performance. Poolandmarine.com is not here to make a quick buck. We are here to give hardworking people what they want and need: great tools that hold up day after day. We aim to please customers with low prices for high-quality goods. We believe quality pays for itself. (Dad always says "tools are free")

Let us keep you up to date with the latest, most high performance products that save you time and money. Trust our research. PoolandMarine.com is the only retailer of marine-grade batteries and battery charging systems recommended by Hammer-Head Patented performance. PoolandMarine.com only carries high quality products that save you time and money. Whether you are heading out for a pool route or headed out to sea...

The performance of your equipment is our business.

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