Charging a Hammer-Head or other pool vacuum

If you have a Hammer-Head™ pool vacuum and cart that was made after February 2014, charging your battery has been made easy with Noco brand charging products. On the side of the cart, underneath the red on/off switch there is a Noco GC016 dashmount battery indicator and charging port.

You can charge your Hammer-Head™’s battery fully overnight by simply plugging the Noco G7200 7 amp charger right in. No more unstrapping and opening the battery box lid! Get the G7200 now and plug your Hammer-Head in just like you plug in your smartphone!

If you have an older Hammer-Head, AquaVac or other type of 12 volt battery operated pool vacuum there is a speedy solution to charging.  The Noco GC015 can be purchased as a retrofit that can be attached with no modification to the unit. Simply wire it to the battery terminals and strap the charge-indicating end on top of the battery box with the same strap you use to secure the lid of the box. Monitor your battery’s charge level and charge with the Noco G7200 just like the newer models. 

Why Noco products and why the G7200 for pool vacuum charging?

At we believe in delivering you both quality and performance. We have found that Noco battery charging products are superior in both quality and performance to other similar products on the market. Noco products make battery charging easier and can even improve the lifetime of your batteries.

The Noco G7200 is the perfect solution for overnight charging of the 12 volt deep-cycle marine batteries that are used in commercial pool vacuums. Service techs rely on high performance equipment through their workday and should expect nothing less from the products that maintain their equipment as well. The G7200 7 amp charger will charge your pool vacuum battery overnight and has features that maintain the longevity and can even repair your battery. 

Noco g7200

Noco g7200

What battery is best for my pool vac?

Hammer-Head Patented Performance typically recommends series 27 or 31 GEL batteries for reliable and long lasting performance. carries the highest quality sealed GEL batteries that are ideal for this application. The size of the battery you select should be determined by your requirements for run time between charges. Hammer-Head recommends that you charge your battery daily for optimal performance. Hammer-Head pool vacuums (as well as other vacs that use a similar electric motor) pull between 18-25 amps under load. Divide this number (we use 20 amps, which is what we find to be the most accurate) by the number of amp hours a battery has and you get your total run time in hours. The equation below can help you approximate. Note that these calculations are an educated guess and do not account for the many variables that may affect the performance of a pool vacuum. 

Amp Hours ÷ Amp Load (~20amps) = Run time in Hours