Everyone has their reasons for being out on the water. Work or play, fresh or salt, if you are on any type of craft that you're not propelling with your own hands or feet, you probably have at least one 12 volt battery on board. Whether that battery is running navigation gear, starting engines or providing auxiliary power, you need it to perform every time for a long time. Poolandmarine.com has the battery for you. We offer GEL and AGM batteries that are hand sealed and made in the USA under the highest standards. 

We offer very competitive pricing and free shipping* on batteries from MK Battery, the only battery manufacturer whose products we trust when its us out there on the ocean. Customers choose poolandmarine.com to get high quality batteries at a price you can only get for a low-quality, overseas-made battery from other battery dealers. With the low prices, you also get fast delivery, dedicated customer service, and even custom pricing for large orders. If you need five or more batteries at once, we'll give you a free quote on the order to try to get you the best pricing we can. You won't find that kind of service from big-name battery stores and online mega-warehouses. 

You can trust our service and the products we offer. We do. And, if there is something you need battery-wise that you can't find on the site, email us. Chances are we can get it for you at an extremely competitive price. 


*continental USA only