• My Battery is not charging, but it is fairly new. What is wrong?
    • Most likely your battery has been over-discharged. When a Gel or AGM battery is discharged to the point where it can produce less than 10v, it may not be able to receive a charge from a typical smart charger. Use a jumper pack or simply jump the battery as you would in a car to restore it to the minimum voltage required for charging, then charge normally overnight. If you have never charged your battery before, check to make sure that your charger is compatible with your battery and suits you voltage and amperage needs.
  • My battery is fairly new, but the discharge cycle seems to be getting shorter and shorter. What is wrong?
    • Most of our batteries are good for about 500 complete discharge cycles. So unless you think you have reached this (it should take well over a year for most applications), you are probably not charging at a sufficient amperage. For example, a 12v commercial pool vac pulls about 23 amps when running in water. If you use the vacuum for 1 hour, you need to recharge the battery for about 3 hours at 7.2 amps, about 2 hours at 10 amps, or about 11 hours at 2 amps. Make sure you are putting back in what you take out or over time, the battery will be completely drained.
  • A product that I purchased from poolandmarine.com is broken, faulty, or in some other way does not work properly. What can I do? 
    • Poolandmarine.com will provide a return shipping label and replace the faulty product within 72 hours of the delivery time of the order.
    • After 72 hours, if a warranty claim is made, it must be with the manufacturer of the product in question. Poolandmarine.com is happy to facilitate this type of claim to ensure that customers are treated fairly, however, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly for the quickest possible response.
    • Poolandmarine.com aims to deliver the most consistent and high-quality products available for pool and marine use. Warranty claims are infrequent, but errors do occur. We respect all types of feedback and customer input is taken very seriously in the research and testing of new products.
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