Battery Information

Why are these batteries so expensive?  The batteries for sale on this site are made in the USA by an American-owned company. They are high performance sealed and valve-regulated batteries with superior lifetimes and durability. They are made in a facility that has one of the best EPA ratings in the country (They use 100% of the spent batteries they receive in the production!). These batteries will last 2-3 times (we have had customers who's batteries have lasted 5 times) longer than conventional lead-acid batteries that are made overseas. 

Why choose   Competing battery sellers push high-profit batteries of lower quality that are often made overseas. Don't be fooled by flashy labels and colored battery tops. Customers who want performance and reliability choose our batteries and the charging equipment we recommend for years of solid performance. is not here to make a quick buck. We are here to give hardworking people what they want and need: great tools that hold up day after day. We aim to please customers with low prices for high-quality goods. We believe quality pays for itself. (Dad always says "tools are free")

What is a VLRA battery?   A VLRA battery is a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid battery. VLRA batteries are sealed, which means there is no filling them with fluids, there are no leaks and there is far less corrosion of the battery terminals and other metals surrounding the battery. Because they are sealed VLRA batteries have a longer lifetime.  VLRA batteries come in two types Gel or AGM. 

Gel Batteries:
Gel batteries are basically a sealed version of the time-tested flooded battery with some chemical differences.  They have to be charged at a lower rate than AGM batteries, however the NOCO G7200 smart charger available here will automatically charge your gel battery at the safest rate. Gel batteries have a longer life compared to flooded batteries and can last the most cycles of any battery. Gel can handle a slightly deeper discharge than flooded or AGM batteries. 

AGM Batteries:
AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries contain no liquid; rather they have a woven mat of glass fibers that are soaked with electrolyte. AGM batteries are lighter weight than flooded and gel batteries. They can handle a more powerful discharge (higher amp) than gel or flooded batteries. These batteries are typically used in boats, aircraft and off-road vehicles. The AGM battery available in our shop is recommended as a running/starting battery for marine applications. 

VLRA batteries for commercial pool vacuums:
Deep cycle VLRA batteries are the only type of battery recommended by the manufacturer for Hammer-Head pool vacuums. A deep cycle battery is one that can handle a deeper discharge.  Deep Cycle batteries are required for pool vacuums because of the load that vacuum motors put on the battery as well as the larger discharge of the battery on a daily basis. POOLANDMARINE.COM only offers high performance VLRA batteries at competitive prices for your pool vacuum. Pool vacuums pull between 20 and 25 amps when running and their batteries are typically deeply discharged. For these reasons recommends GEL batteries for 12 volt run pool vacuums. AGM batteries will also work, but for pool vacuum applications, GEL batteries work best.